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Permissions Post

Permissions Post
This is the permissions post for Altered States. This is where permissions will be discussed with powers Neirne possesses, and powers others may use on Neirne.

Powers/Special Abilities: Neirne’s primary ability lies in dreams. He can shape, control, and move through dreams easier than walking in the waking world. He is able to make subjects fall asleep, and manipulate what state of sleep or drowsing they’re in. This allows him to, over time, implant very powerful changes in behavior or thought in subjects. It is his way of reprogramming people.

He is able to interact with the dead, seeing and speaking with them, and with significant exertion can help them be seen and heard by others.

With minimum effort, he can manipulate electric and magnetic forces, which is easier to do in humanoids, but also applicable to nonliving matter. This means that Neirne can create irregular electrical pulses in a brain-- sometimes very subtle, but usually a way to disable a person and turn them into a drooling idiot for a while. He can and has completely fried brains before.

As a defensive mechanism that exhausts him, he can exert physical force psychically, for up to half an hour dealing with weights and forces not unlike the weight and speed of a bullet train engine. This however takes significant amounts of energy, and can leave him unconscious for days, or with mild internal hemorrhaging.

River Power: Neirne has begun to be able to project an image of himself that can speak, see, and listen into the vicinity of a sleeper whose dreams he is passing through.

It should also be noted that Neirne has very little concept of consent, as he had a position of relative power in his world, and consent meant little in comparison to the orders of the Supremacy. While this does not mean Neirne is likely to sexually assault anyone (the concept of which in his reality is quite foreign), it does mean that he is not at all shy about throwing his psychic weight around to get what he wants. It is unlikely this will gain him friends.

Backtagging: Sure, just give me a heads up XD
Threadhopping: If it's an open public thread, sure
Fourthwalling: He's an OC so I'm not sure it applies
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I'll talk about anything, whatever XD

Hugging this character: He's prickly, but it's fine
Kissing this character: Yep, same as above
Flirting with this character: If you want to flirt with an asshole, have fun XD
Fighting with this character: Sure! He'll probably just try to drop you to sleep. He's not at all good at fighting. If he can't, and feels truly endangered, check his power list above for information on telekinetic force he will bring to bear.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): It's fine, but let's discuss first. Anything starting and exceeding bone-breaking and permanent scarring should be discussed.
Killing this character: Let's talk first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, if I've outlined his thoughts already!

I will only use Neirne's powers on a character with explicit permission of the player controlling that character. This is where we can discuss what you would like to happen, or not happen, with his power set.

Neirne might not be great at consent, but communication and consent is key for me!