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Neirne was, like many of his peers, raised in a Supremacy Stable Aging Institution on the Leith Station near the northern pole of Venus. The Supremacy, the governing agency that governed not just Earth’s solar system, but three neighboring systems as well, is a government that detests waste. Unwanted spawn, or spawn that cannot be cared for adequately, are a rich pool of possibility for the Supremacy, which has accomplished impressive things with the efforts of spawn that in ages past were referred to as orphans, or wards of the state.

Neirne was perhaps not the most impressive result of the Leith Station Stable Aging Institution, but when he reached training age, he was regarded by the Supremacy to be one of the most promising. He was transferred to the Camden Psych Training Station on Earth, where just over a thousand years ago New York City had been destroyed in the final World War, and subsequently scrubbed clean by the power psychic Elaine Camden to be reinhabited. Neirne’s natural ability to interface with dreams and sleep states was perfected, honed, and additional latent abilities were identified, developed and worked into a usable state. One of these abilities, a powerful telekinetic force that could mimic huge forces, took a severe toll on his brain during an exercise, rendering him comatose for three months.

Upon waking, he suffered from severe migraines until his interface port was upgraded with a relief system that, when supplied once, left him symptom-free for a year. He kept it regularly supplied and serviced, and was able to continue with regulations training until, having clearly met the edge of his abilities, he was assigned a residence.

Like every other living being under the Supremacy, Neirne was free to take other employment, but required to work for the Supremacy when required. Fortunately, his unique psychic skill set meant that the Supremacy would “hire” him frequently as a Re-Education Specialist, and compensate him handsomely, with upgrades in residence and sustenance, transportation and allowance. None of this particularly improved his vehement dislike of members of all intelligent species, but it did make keeping himself blissfully solitary far easier.

Despite his misanthropy, his desirable genetics resulted in being selected to spawn just after he turned 29. After several months of mating with a species from the closest system, a pregnancy was established, and after a gestation period quite average for hybrids of the genetic typing he and his Supremacy-selected mate possessed, Neirne became the parent of a beautiful male child. More than capable and willing to provide for spawn of his own, he opted to raise his spawn himself, as his mate was not interested in such a humanoid looking result.

He named the child Topias, and though parenthood was hardly angiospermic plant matter, Neirne found himself quite capable of loving his spawn, and did so with the sort of singular purpose he only otherwise engaged on behalf of the Supremacy.

He was taking Topias to a playmate’s residence in another sector of Camden when the river took him.


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